Chef Flavours strives hard to make sure all the restaurants are available at your hand, with your favourite order just a few clicks away from your hands. Our own fleet of delivery personnel ensures that there are absolutely no delays in delivery, and your food reaches you before your hunger starts troubling. Accepting all modes of payments and providing round the clock service, Chef Flavours is the simply the best food delivery service you can get. Getting yummy food delivered at your doorstep was never so easier. Our chain of connections has successfully connected thousands of hungry customers with the best food services in their neighbourhood, and we do not see any reason why you should be kept away from the incredible food either!

What makes us your first option when you are hungry?

Our Philosophy

We at Chef Flavour believe that good food is the way to lead a good lifestyle. We believe in working as a team and making scrumptious, delicious meals available to the customers. We firmly wish to make the lives of our customers better and convenient through our services, and aim to make food delivery a hassle free process.

Our Mission

Our main mission at Chef Flavour is to make food delivery a more convenient and hassle free process, so that more people can enjoy great food at their home. We strive to offer the best deals online so that ordering food becomes a winning bet for you!

Our History

Taking yummy food to the doorsteps of our customers and watching their delighted faces is what encouraged us to start Chef Flavours. When you order food with us, you can be sure of getting the best food delivery service from your favourite restaurant in your neighbourhood. We are just foodies like you and so know the hassle of getting good food at your doorstep at any odd hour.

Chef Flavours is the most user-friendly and well-connected food delivery application you could ask for. Having partnered with hundreds of restaurants and food shops already, we provide the best food ordering experience on your smart device without any asking. Our incredibly easy interface and the endless list of restaurants close to your neighbourhood makes us the number one food delivery app you could ask for. Ordering with Chef Flavours is as simple as it could get, with your favourite restaurant and order only a touch away from you. We make sure to leave with a smile on our customer’s face.

About Our Team

People who wish to make sure nothing comes in between your cravings!

Chef Flavours employs a well-trained set of delivery personnel to make sure there is no middleman involved in your food getting to your doorstep. Having super fast delivery ensures that your food is delivered to you without delays.

We have a team of most dedicated customer care executives who can solve any issues with your order or any particular issue you may be facing. Apart from that, our delivery staff is also very courteous and strive to make sure that your food reaches you in time and just fresh.

So, if you are in a new city and have no idea where to eat, Chef Flavours is always there to the rescue. Our geo-location based app located the most popular and delicious restaurants in your proximity, to make sure you get the best food delivered to you no matter where you are.

Getting your favourite food delivered at your doorstep was never this easy!