Can I place orders over Phone?

All orders can be made through Website or App only.

Is registration necessary before placing an order through you?

Yes and we have ensured simple one step process for instant registration with us. It enables us to keep you updated about the progress of the order until it is delivered.

What are the payment options available?

You can make payments through cash on delivery as well as online payments through your debit card/credit cards, net banking as well as all renowned wallets

Are the prices charged by the restaurants higher in this case?

We recommend the restaurants to keep the prices same but certainly cannot guarantee the same.

Do I have to pay extra for delivery?

No; except for the case where the order value is below certain amount which will be mentioned when you check out after the order.

Can I order food from different restaurants in single order?

No, you can order for food from only one takeaway chosen by you in one order.

How much time does it take to deliver food?

It usually is done within 30 to 60 minutes only depending upon the respective geographical location of you and the takeaway. It is also mentioned separately for every participating restaurant when you order.

What are the working hours in which the food is delivered?

Our delivery hours are governed by the merchant service hours of restaurants and thus may vary for individual takeaways.

How can I track my order?

We keep you posted about the progress of your order through SMS along with the contact details of the delivery boy. We keep you updated with every step from order placement to delivery.

Can I add special instructions on my order?

Yes; you have the option to do so. Once you finalize your order items from menu of your selected restaurant and move them to the cart, you can submit your special instructions on the next page based on your preferences. However, the responsibility to fulfill these special instructions stays with the individual restaurant only and we cannot guarantee the same.

Can I order food from any restaurant in the vicinity?

Yes as long as the restaurant features in our list of Participating restaurants from your location. The best way is to open the GPS of your mobile phone to enable our App to find your present location and show the list of restaurants.

Is the website responsible for the quality of the food?

While we strive to include only quality conscious restaurants in our list, our role is limited to collect the food from the restaurant or takeaways chosen by you and deliver it. Thus we cannot be responsible for the quality of food or its preparation. In case of any feedback, you can always write to us through our “contact us” page (with your order number) and we shall do the follow up with the concerned restaurant.

Can I cancel the order?

Once you have placed your order on our Website, we immediately pass it on to your selected restaurant which begins their preparation accordingly. It will not be possible to change/amend/cancel your order once the process starts rolling which takes around five minutes only. However, you can contact us for any assistance.

What is your cancellation policy?

It is not that we do not have provision for cancellation; but it has to be done before the restaurant has initiated the processing for your order. Thus you will have to contact us maximum within five minutes in most cases to cancel the order.

How do I get refund for my cancelled order?

If your cancellation is duly accepted from our end, you can expect to get the refund within 4-5 working days, depending upon the mode of payment chosen by you.

What if I am unable to log into my account?

Retry using “Forgot Password” option. In case, the problem continues, write to us at info@chefflavour.com  with your registered email id or call us with your mobile number to our toll free number 1800 200 6322 to sort out the issue.

Did not receive your OTP?

You will essentially be sent OTP from our end but due to any technical snag if you do not get it, send us your query to  info@chefflavour.com  with your registered mobile number and email id.

How to contact Chef Flavor Customer Care?

You can call us at 1800 200 6322 and also use the chat option at our website to get in touch with our customer care.

I am a restaurant owner interested to get listed at your Website, what do I need to do?

You can send us details of your business at  info@chefflavour.com  which should also have the name and mobile number of your contact person. Our marketing team shall contact you shortly after reviewing the proposal.

What are the cities where you operate?

Presently we are operating at Tirupati and have plans to expand to  tier 2 cities shortly.

I wish to change my address of delivery or mobile number?

It is generally not acceptable to change the address of delivery or mobile number after the placement of your order except for the minor changes like change of Flat number or floor of the building. You have the option to contact directly the delivery person at his phone number to intimate the modified details or contact us at our phone number 1800 200 6322.

Is it necessary for someone to be present at the address to take the delivery?

Yes; in any case, we give you the tentative time within which the delivery will be made.

Do you have the option of redelivery?

No; our delivery executive shall not come again for redelivery if there is no one present at the address to accept the delivery.

What if I do not get my complete order or some item is not delivered?

In isolated cases, due to some inadvertent error, it is possible that you do not get all the items ordered by you. In such cases, please confirm whether the item has been billed or not and if possible, intimate the delivery person. You can call us at 1800 200 6322 or send us your complaint with your order number and email id  info@chefflavour.com    to pursue the matter.

Are Sodexo Coupons acceptable?

No; we do not accept any meal ticket coupons.

What if my delivery is delayed?

You can call us and we will update the delivery status to you. You also have the option to call the mobile number of the Delivery Executive which is sent to your phone through SMS and enquire about his location or delivery time status.

Do you also deliver soft drinks ?


If the quality/quantity of food is not satisfactory, what do I do?

The responsibility of food quality as well as quantity lies with the restaurant or takeaway selected by you. However, you can give your feedback at  feedback@chefflavour.com  to look into the matter.